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BedHead Weighted Blanket
BedHead Weighted Blanket
BedHead Weighted Blanket

BedHead Weighted Blanket

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BedHead Weighted Blankets are specifically designed to help combat anxiety, stress and improve overall sleep. Utilizing the power of "deep-touch pressure stimulation" to simulate the comforting feeling of being hugged and held.
Research has shown that deep-touch pressure can help decrease cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress - as well as increase serotonin and melatonin levels which are responsible for a good night's sleep.
  • Premium-grade, Glass Bead 15 lb therapeutic weighted blanket engineered to help decrease stress and sleep soundly throughout the night
  • Gridded stitching ensures the blanket's internal weighted non-toxic glass beads remain uniformly distributed
  • Luxurious machine washable exterior duvet
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A portion of the purchase price from every BedHead Weighted Blanket sold is donated directly to the National Alliance On Mental Illness.

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